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Each client has unique needs. No matter what you are writing, you can count on the Word Choreographer for the support you deserve. I assist with proofreading, editing, and writing with relation to website content, copywriting, blurbs, back cover copy, books, short stories, YouTube scripts, and even letters; which is why all of my services can be  personalized to fit specific needs and preferences.



Here For You

Proofreading is the process of examining the final draft of any written piece—after it has been edited. ​Think of it as a fine toothed comb running through your pages to ensure there are no errors in your work.  This service exists to make your life easier and stress free. I will search your work for:

  • Grammar errors

  • Spelling errors

  • Spacing issues

  • Repetition & Consistency

  • Incorrect use of American English

  • And much more



Next Level Service

The editing stage focuses on the readability of your work. Frequently utilized by a variety of customers, this service has been essential to creating polished manuscripts, website copy, blurbs etc. The goal is to ensure your ideas are clearly conveyed so your words "land" properly with the reader.



Just Write!

*Sigh* if only it were that easy... This is a popular service for busy writers and professionals that need an assist with content demands.  My ghostwriting has taken shape as blurbs, back cover copy for various authors, website content, YouTube scripts, and short stories. When you collaborate with me, you can trust your "voice" will still come through.

Services: Services
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